Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lilly's Friends

So as I mentioned previously, Lilly is now a "big kid" in the older preschool class at school. Actually, she's the littlest kid there - she's a little over 2 1/2, and the class is from 2 1/2 to 5 year olds. So it's a big age difference, which I was originally a little worried about. They have to bring their lunchboxes for "morning tea" (snacktime), drink out of an open cup, many of the kids are toilet trained, and when Lilly walks in, she has to find her name (with no picture, just the name) and put it on a magnet board.

Needless to say, Lilly's mom was overwhelmed. Would my child survive? Would she be able to find her way in this older class, with all new (or mostly new, a couple kids she knew from the younger class) friends, 4 new teachers, and a higher level of expectations?

It didn't help that, on the first day of school when I dropped her off, two little girls who were just a few months older than Lilly, were asked in front of us "What would you like to do today?" One little girl said "I'd like to play with the blocks." The other little girl said "I'd like to help, and build a house for Hugo." Seriously? Lilly is talking a lot more, but not like this! For example, Lilly can say "I ride da bike." But she certainly isn't saying she wants to build any houses for Hugo!

So Lilly's mommy dropped her off every morning, and worried. But Lilly seemed to survive. I wondered if she'd be overwhelmed, or unhappy with all these older kids? But yet again, as is the constant theme, Lilly did fine - in fact, she has done amazingly. When I picked her up yesterday, Lilly was sitting next to her new friend, a precious little 4 year old named Erin, who supposedly "looks after" Lilly. I introduced myself to Erin, and said "I'm Lilly's Mom." Erin smiled at me and said, "I'm Lilly's friend." As my heart started to melt, about 5 other kids walked over and said their names, and each one said "I'm Lilly's friend too." Awww, how sweet! Lilly's mommy never has to worry about Lilly, she never seems to meet a stranger. The teachers said that all the older girls especially, want to hang out with Lilly and play with her. And a little boy, who is German and apparently doesn't speak much, is suddenly talking and proclaiming that he is Lilly's friend as well - and they reportedly danced together all throughout mat time yesterday.

So Lilly is fine. She loves her school, loves her friends, and has a great time. She has discovered a love for painting, and has ruined many shirts in the process! She is mastering drinking out of the open cup, and the other kids have even taught her the new skill of sticking your finger up the water faucet so the water sprays everywhere. Yes, Lilly is thriving. Except, Lilly's a little worried about her mommy... ;-)

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