Saturday, November 7, 2009


My little girl is growing up too fast! And every day, she is learning new skills. Lilly amazes me with all the things she can do.

Just want to share all the wonderful things she can do:

Lilly can go potty all by herself - in fact, she prefers no help. She pulls down her pants, goes, flushes, washes her hands all on her own. No more diapers or pullups for this little girl! (During the day, at least.)

Lilly can also drink out of an open cup, get her own water from the fridge, and she can eat with chopsticks!

Lilly is learning to dress herself. She can put on her own jacket (the preschool upside down flip way), put on her own socks, and she loves putting on and wearing headbands and hats.

Lilly is also talking so much, and I love hearing her sing. She and I also have our first "inside joke" - I'd share it but it's inside - but she came up with it herself. She has a wonderful sense of humor. Also she has just come up with a "sign" for "cheeky" and has started signing sentences.

Lilly is also pre-reading. She is recognizing the words "sesame street" "hannah montana" and "mcdonalds" among others.

I also like to call Lilly my "backseat garmin" - she has a good sense of direction, and when we're in the car, she always tells me "go dat way" or "go da oder way" and points. She knows if you go right on a certain street, you end up at her school, and which road goes down to her neighborhood. She yells out if I don't go the way she wants when we drive around town.

I am so proud of my girl. She is a quick learner and seems to be a sponge when it comes to taking in new things.

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