Thursday, June 17, 2010

This Little Light of Mine

She will be 4 years old this weekend. Where has the time gone?

My darling little Lilly was born 4 years ago this Saturday. I know it's been 4 years because Jon was watching World Cup Soccer while I was in labor, and he's watching it again now.

What an amazing, wild, funny ride with my amazing, wild, funny daughter. Words seem inadequate to describe our past 4 years and to describe my Lilly. I am so incredibly grateful for this journey.

When she was born we knew nothing. Nothing about Down syndrome. Nothing about babies. Nothing about parenthood. But we loved that girl so much since before she was dancing in my belly. We were in for the ride, 100%. And she has given us back so much more in return.

Lilly was meant to be here on this earth and she is a miracle and she has a purpose. Watching her grow for the past 4 years has been a tremendous honor. Loving her, and having her say "Love you too!" right back to me, has been the biggest blessing of my life.

Lilly participated in graduation last week at her preschool. As always, my words are inadequate at describing what Lilly so eloquently expresses here. Lilly, please know that your mommy and daddy are so proud of you. We will always be there to let your light shine bright.

And here is one more of graduation...

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Jen Schaeffer said... I teared-up and it wasn't even my kid's graduation :) Lilly was wonderful!! Cathleen, we are going to miss you guys.