Thursday, September 2, 2010

Not OK

Lilly was choked today at school by one of her classmates. My sweet little adorable four year old was choked until her face was red. Where were the teachers? Where were the other kids to intervene? What the hell was going on in that classroom? Afterwards they had a class meeting to let the kids know if you see someone choking someone else in the class, you should let a teacher know. WTF?

They never called me. It was at 4 pm; I pick her up at 5. When I got there she was hiding underneath a slide by herself. I came over and after a few minutes she came out. As I was giving her a big hug, the teacher came over and told me what happened.

And that is the end of Lilly's career at that school.

As a parent, all you want is for your child to be happy and healthy and well cared for. My concern was that she would meet friends or learn the ABC's, not whether or not she would be physically harmed. That is not OK.

I feel absolutely sick that something like this happened to my precious Lilly. We let the school know that she won't be coming back. I don't want her in that classroom, with those ineffective teachers, with kids who get away with hurting other kids with minimal consequences. I refuse to put Lilly through walking back into that place with fear in her heart that she'll be bullied again. Are you kidding me?!

And so it begins, the search for a new school. Apparently my first question from now on should be: do you have any violent behavioral problems at your school?


awalton said...

oh. my. goodness. there's no way... i would have flipped out! poor Lilly, I am so sorry for her. you are such a great mother Cathleen, and I pray you can find a school that is just perfect for sweet Lilly. i really can't believe that happened, what where those teachers doing?! nothing, apparently.

Angi said...

I cannot imagine. That is so beyond unacceptable - there is something seriously wrong with the teachers at that school, to not even CALL YOU???? I am not sure what the expense might be where you are but maybe you should look into a Montessori school? My children just started in one and it is awesome (also my mother has been a preschool/kinder Montessori teacher in VT for 25+ yrs) It focuses on the "whole" child (and it truly doesn't matter if she is chromosomally ENHANCED!!!!!!

Lil'Sis said...

I am so sorry for Lilly, for you, it's know we've dealt with the bully stuff before, but not at that kind of level with physical assault!! I'll be saying prayers for you as well in the new school search.