Friday, February 6, 2009

18 Reasons

18 Reasons Why Lilly is the Best Little Girl in the World

  1. Because when you ask Lilly if she is a Princess, she gives a very enthusiastic "yeah" and nods her head up and down, with a big smile and her eyes lighting up wide and bright. Because obviously, she is.
  2. Because she watched (and loved) parts of Dirty Dancing and Beauty and the Beast this week. And LOVED American Idol last night, and tolerated Lost.
  3. Because we discovered, not only does she know lots of the music and choreography to Annie and High School Musical 1, 2 & 3, but we witnessed that there is nothing cuter than when we're watching Annie and Lilly copies the suggestive dance moves of Carol Burnett, or pretends to be a chorus girl and kick in the song "Let's Go to the Movies" in Annie. And when she acts out "Never Fully Dressed without a Smile." And that she has so many o fthe moves and words memorized. (Even though she always wants to be "annie" and makes me be "daddy warbucks" in the last song.)
  4. Because no one can pull off a french braid the way Lilly can.
  5. Because she gives the BEST huge hugs and the BEST perfect princess kisses. And knows when you need one; when I hit my head yesterday she gave me a huge hug and always remembers to pat your back when you need a little extra love.
  6. Because she holds our hands when we go somewhere together, even within the house. And she listens to and follows directions so well.
  7. Because she knows how to do EVERYTHING these days - she will open the fridge to get her own drink, open the cabinet to get her crackers, and get the correct remote to turn on the tv or dvd player.
  8. Because she is such a good eater now; last night she ate pizza AND salad, the night before noodles AND vegetables, and the night before that, grilled cheese AND raw veggies (with ranch dip, of course). And because she LOVES fruit, and will always make room for canteloupe.
  9. Because when an elderly couple approached us a few days ago, to tell us that their grandchild has DS as well, Lilly immediately jumped in the lady's arms and gave her a huge hug for about 5 minutes. (And Lilly doesn't usually go to strangers.)
  10. Because Lilly is so good at "organizing" things - from laundry, to toys, to books - although, it's not always necessarily helpful - most of the time we have to "reorganize" right after her.
  11. Because at a restaurant, she insists on having her own menu, and insists on handing it directly to the waitress when we order.
  12. Because she can be bribed with cookies. Or crackers, or cantaloupe, or m&m's.
  13. Because of her passion for life, her intuitiveness, her joy and excitement, her love for attention and acknowledgement, and her beautiful laugh (which she now "signs" laugh when she laughs, in case we didn't know!).
  14. Because she appreciates live performances; she knows to sit still and watch quietly, and knows how to applaud ferociously at the end of each song/act. She loved the show at Waitangi in Bay of Islands two weeks ago, and the circus last week.
  15. Because she's pooping on the potty instead of in her diaper 95% of the time, which is much more enjoyable to clean up.
  16. Because she brushes her teeth well, and makes an excellent attempt at spitting in the sink when she's done.
  17. Because she loves putting lotion on herself, or on us, and it is so adorable when she's rubbing the lotion onto her little hand on her arm or leg.
  18. Because she is the most beautiful girl in the world, and because she makes me tear up knowing what an amazing blessing I have sitting right next to me.


Heather said...

So sweet! What a gal!

Robyn said...

OMG! I can be bribed with M&M's and cookies too! Cantaloupe and crackers - not so much. Unless they're rosemary and olive oil triskets.

Your love for Lilly shines through everything you write...and beautifully said, as always.