Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Morning

So all week we've known that Tuesday night we're getting a lot of snow. On Monday I stocked up on groceries (like a good Southerner, even in New York City). I prepared for the worst, as last year in Charlottesville when we were snowed in for 5 different snow storms, for days and days and days, all I knew to buy were frozen pizzas and Us Weekly. This time I have the bread, the milk, the water, the canned soups... and just one celebrity magazine.

Last night, it started snowing. The weather guy predicted 6 inches, then 8, then 10... it was going to be a good snowstorm. Not an outrageous blizzard, but definitely respectable.

All night, we heard snow plows hitting the streets. We're in Upper East Side of Manhattan, so being in the city it is high priority I think to make sure the city can still run properly. I think the goal was, every time a snowflake fell, to swiftly sweep it away.

I mentally came up with a list of things Lilly and I could do today on our snow day. I didn't make her lunch. And this morning I turned on the TV and...

9 inches of snow.

And New York City schools are open on a normal schedule. Seriously?

My friends and family in Atlanta have been snowed in for 3+ days for 6 inches. We were snowed in so many times in Charlottesville last year, I get cabin fever just thinking about snow.

And in New York City, 9 inches is barely a cause for concern.

It's not because it's nothing, but because they are so prepared. They have the snow plows ready, they have plans to get this under control. Before it even started snowing last night, the city was officially in a state of emergency, in preparation for the snow.

So this morning... I quickly made Lilly's lunch. I started feeding her breakfast. And with 30 minutes before her bus comes, I started to get her clothes ready for school.

And here's where disaster (or humor?) happens. Lilly's bus driver calls. They're downstairs waiting.

My girl is still in her PJ's, I hadn't anticipated that she'd be going to school this morning, and the bus is a half hour early?

So, I did what any respectable mom would do. I kept Lilly in her pink zebra pajama's, threw on yellow socks and her fancy black shoes (they were the closest ones I could find), put on her scarf, hat, and jacket, and we ran to the elevator. (Sorry Lil.)

When we got to the bus driver she explained that Lilly was the only child going to school today, for some reason. (?) Maybe everyone else wanted a snow day? Maybe other parents were snowed in so didn't have their kids go to school? Not really sure, but there was my daughter, the only child on her school bus, in her pajama's and a "what the heck is going on" look on her face.

Just when I thought my NYC experience couldn't get more bizarre...


Becca said...

Hahahaha!! Omg, I'm cracking up here, for so many reasons. The image is hilarious. And the fact that you've got 9 inches and the schools are open. on. time. Amazing. We got about 1 1/2 inches and we have a 2 hour delay. I think some of it has to do with back roads and accessibility, but boy, that's awesome that NYC is so good at snow removal!! Good for them. :-) I hope Lilly has a fun day at school all by herself! She can play with all the toys and have the teachers' rapt attention. Perfect!

Amy said...

LOLOLOL, that's awesome. I bet she'll have fun with her impromptu pajama day at school!

The Atlanta snow made me think back to when I got snowed in at your house in 93...that was so much fun!

*Tasha* said...

LOL that's awesome. I'm a lurker but I just had to come out and say this was funny!! :)