Sunday, June 19, 2011

A change of plans?

I've been looking forward to Lilly's 5th birthday for weeks, if not months (or years). It's a big milestone - Lilly being our little girl for 5 years, how much she's accomplished in 5 years, all that we've been through in 5 years, and all the nostolgia of where we were 5 years ago versus now. I planned on revisiting memories, thinking (and blogging) about all kinds of important things, and looking back and looking forward in our lives.

But life's best plans change. Lilly's been sick for the past week - especially the past few days. She stayed home from school two days, she went to the doctor's twice, she's been up each night coughing, she's been having asthma related breathing issues, we've been doing tons of nebulizer treatments, her school birthday party was canceled, and, worst of all, she's been cranky (and quite frankly, a little mean to me!) because she's not feeling so well.

I'd like to think she's at the peak of being sick, and that she'll feel better tomorrow (especially as her preschool graduation - and 5th birthday - are both tomorrow). Crossing our fingers.

But the one thing that being sick does not get in the way of for Lilly: Broadway. We had 10 tickets to Mamma Mia yesterday - for Lilly, Jon, me, my parents, my 3 nieces, my nephew, and my sister, and while Lilly didn't feel great, and coughed a bit through the performance, she was still thrilled to be there. Mamma Mia is an incredible show on Broadway (we saw it in Vegas years ago, and don't think it compares to the Broadway version that we've seen now twice in NYC). Lilly knows every song, loves the characters, thankfully the plot goes over her head a little, and she has a great time - especially with her favorite people.

So that was the highlight. The lowlight of the weekend - and being sick - was when we sang happy birthday to her on Friday night at a restaurant - and for the first time ever during something like that, she burst into tears. It didn't help that they rang a cowbell loudly while the staff sang, and that it was almost 10 pm, and - did I mention - she was diagnosed hours earlier of having deflated lungs in two spots. Poor girl. But she perked up by the end of the song and grinned and high fived her cousins (with tear stained cheeks, poor kid).

Hoping my girl gets back to normal soon. This is the first time in a really long time that she's been sick like this - she hasn't had asthma/lung/bronchial issues like this since the week we moved to New Zealand, 3 years ago. I doubt the NYC air is helping, unlike the fresh New Zealand air though!

And the countdown: Lilly is only in New York City for 5 more "sleeps!" Jon and I are here for another week and a half. Holy moly, I can't believe we're moving to DC so soon...

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