Sunday, June 5, 2011

Don't even pretend to be surprised.

Lilly and I woke up on Thursday, and I put her on the bus for school. I began my workday, immersed in legislation, and started a couple loads of laundry.

And then I got sidetracked and planned a trip to Disney World. Leaving... a few hours later.

Details to be continued, but Lilly and I had the best 2 days on our mommy-daughter trip, joining my parents and niece and nephew.

Can I say I am so blessed to have a little 4 year old who is willing and ready to jump on a plane at a moment's notice for a 48 hour trip to the happiest place on earth? Seriously, you could not invent a more easy going companion than my little Lilly.

I had a migraine for the last half of the trip - which was killing me - I thought I'd throw up most of the flight home - but Missy Moo easily watched dvd's (Annie and Tangled), read the latest People and In Touch magazines, and followed directions like a champ.

I still am amazed every time I travel - not just by Lilly's easy-ness, but by the rest of the airplane's crazy-ness. Flights to and from Orlando are the worst, the kid-adult ratio is upside down, and between kids crying and kicking seats and adults not knowing to turn off electronics at the appropriate time and wanting to walk around the drink cart repeatedly (seriously, can you wait for the bathroom for like 10 minutes?), the flight was kind of chaotic. But my girl was great, even to the point of putting my head in her lap and singing "Tomorrow" to me. It didn't fix my headache, but it healed my heart.

And as great as our impromptu trip was, it was (relatively) nice to get home last night. Lilly was happy to see her daddy, and today is a blank slate to hang out with friends who are coming in town from Connecticut. First stop: Lilly/Daddy time for breakfast and the park, before our friends arrive, while I get a little work done (cutting my workweek short last week has to have consequences of course, like putting in a couple hours on a Sunday morning - but well worth it).

Life is hard and chaotic and busy sometimes, and other times everything just falls into place. With 2 weeks and a day until my girl turns 5, I'm probably a little more sentimental than usual, but I feel such gratitude for my little family.

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Becca said...

Hahahaha! I was wondering why you were posting on FB from Florida!!!! Wow, I am, as always, suitably impressed. :-)