Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Lilly

Dear Lilly,

5 years ago today, you came into our lives. You were adorable and breathtaking and beautiful and demanding right from the start.

I remember looking into your eyes and glimpsing into our sweet soul. I remember looking at your beautiful big lips and chubby cheeks and thinking you were so gorgeous. And I thanked God for you.

And a few hours later, you worried us so much when you couldn't breathe well. And I prayed to God that He would bless you and make you strong. And it was the first of many times that you've had to overcome a challenge - and you've done so each time with grace and strength. You make hard things seem easy, what a wonderful gift.

I remember when you were a few weeks old, and you'd wake up in the morning - can I brag that you always slept through the night - and your daddy and I would fight to see who got to get to you first. Because, as we always said, waking up to Lilly is like waking up to Christmas morning. You were so happy and ready to tackle the day, your positivity was contagious.

I have learned so much from you. I know we haven't made life easy for you, with annual moves, having to say goodbye and hello to so many people, demanding jobs that have often taken quality time away from you. But you are so good at making us prioritize, and showing us what really is important.

I look back at the past 5 years and fall in love a little more with a beautiful baby who has become such a lovely little girl. A girl who appreciates the best life has to offer. And who often brings out the best in those around her. I look forward so much to our future. There are no limits to what you can accomplish, my love, when you set your mind to something. You are already so independent and strong willed, that I don't worry - too much - about where you will go in life. You are so charismatic that I know you will be surrounded by good people as you reach your goals. And you are so cheeky and funny that I know you will have a good time along the way.

So, on today, your fifth birthday, I am proud to be your mommy. You are such a gift to me. Our gift to you, sweet girl, is to spend the month of July with you - mommy, daddy, and Lilly, with no work, no obligations, no distractions in our way. With the adventure of our moving and settling in to a new city, and then exploring Europe together, I know we will have a fantastic time. We have been so lucky to find that adventures with you are so much more enjoyable; you notice and point out to us so many things that many people pass over. You extract the best out of life's moments.

Thank you for being my precious girl.

I love you so much,

Your mommy

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Becca said...

Such a beautiful post, Cathleen!! Happy, happy birthday, beautiful Lilly!!

"Waking up to Lilly is like waking up to Christmas morning..." I love that, and know that feeling well. :-)