Friday, June 24, 2011

Pizza Depression

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved pizza. She would eat it every day, if she could. When she was little, she would take the cheese off and eat it separately; and when she grew up, her own little girl ate the pizza the same exact way. Her daughter was just as obsessed with pizza as she was, and her husband grew to have a deep appreciate for pizza as well.

One year, this family lived in a far away land where the pizza was not as delicious. During this year, the mom read a book called Eat Pray Love, and there was a passage in it regarding the best pizza in the world. The mom vowed then and there that one day she would try this pizza, from Pizzeria Da Michele in Naples, Italy.

Two years later, the family decided that there was no better time to go explore Italy, and were happy to find a Disney Cruise that stopped in Naples so that they could eat this pizza. The mom was so happy that she would be able to eat the best pizza in the world, and her mouth would water when reading about it. Every travel guide talked about the Da Michele pizza; and the mom couldn't wait for her little girl to experience it with her.

And then - a month before their trip - they found out that the Pizzeria Da Michele was closed on Sundays - which is the day of the week that they would be in Naples. The mom was devastated. She looked into other pizzerias in town, and while they all seemed good, none were as highly rated as this one pizzeria. Who wants to go halfway around the world, to eat the second best pizza in the world?

So now the mom doesn't know what to do. Should the family tackle the less than safe area of Naples just to have not-as-good (but still probably better than any pizza we've ever had) pizza? Or should we skip the pizza and go to Pompeii? (Which sounds amazing, but we were originally willing to skip this ancient town in favor of amazing pizza.) Or should we go to the Island of Capri, just a ferry ride away, for the day, giving up on pizza altogether? (Or trying Capri's pizza, which I can imagine is still reasonably good.)

The mom didn't know what to do, but the good news is, the family is still living in New York City for a few more days, which arguably also has the best pizza ever, so they'll have to be consoled by that...

The End.

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Becca said...

Hehehe, love your fairy tale story.

Okay, so personally, I'm torn, as well. Pompeii has been a dream of mine since I was a kid, so that would definitely get priority. However, if there was any chance of getting to have *any* pizza in Naples, regardless of where, I'd definitely try to squeeze that in anyway.

Btw, speaking of pizza, enjoy your fantastic, yummy, perfect New York-style pizza while you's hard to find anything remotely similar down here. :-(