Sunday, June 5, 2011

No hablo espanol.

Last week, Jon and I were talking about our upcoming European adventure. The languages of the cities we are going to are French, Italian, and Spanish. We've been working on the basics with Lilly, teaching her to say hi, bye, thank you, etc in the different languages. I bought a mini travel language guide for France and Italy, and figure we can wing it. And Jon and I both took Spanish in school, so we'd be fine, right?

But then while discussing the Spanish language, we realized that we don't remember anything. Last time I spoke Spanish regularly was when I worked in restaurants during college, and that vocabulary was limited to food items and if something was hot or not. And Jon said he didn't remember much either except...

He said he can give a full neurological exam in Spanish. Which includes asking a patient what their name is, can they follow his finger, and can they stand up, sit down, and push on his hands. Just a guess but I don't think any of that will be helpful on our trip. So... we might be out of luck in Spain.

Plan B: Get a Spanish cheat-sheet.

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