Monday, June 18, 2012

Time Flies

Busy doesn't begin to describe the past couple months.  I finished up a not-very-comfortable pregnancy with a super easy delivery, and fell in love with my sweet little son, Ben.  Who proceeded to have colic for 2 months, until we just switched his formula (again, in addition to trying everything else) and now my little baby is as sweet as could be.  It was rocky during the cry-most-of-the-day-like-he's-on-fire period, but now that we're (hopefully) on the other side, it's all so enjoyable. 

Two kids is 10 times more work than 1.  And it was both an easy and a hard adjustment.  Lilly has had her crazy moments but for the most part she has been amazing lately, and she's been a very caring and helpful sister to Ben.  She finished up the school year with a great progress report (she's a smart little girl!) and great friendships.  She graduated pre-K singing songs with her class (which I'll post at some point), and is ready for kindergarten in the fall.  We feel so blessed that she is going to such a good school, that focuses not just on her education but on the relationships of kids and her spirituality and religion.  Watching my girl say her prayers, bless herself perfectly, and just be a good kind and polite child (most of the time) soothes my soul.

She has grown so much this year.  In the past few weeks she has a pretend sister name "Shunta." Lilly can draw so well - pictures of her family, dogs/cats, ice cream cones, anything.  She can write all her letters so well, and spell out names - perfectly for ones she's seen before, and guesses pretty well at other names she tries to sound out.  She is speaking so clearly, says so many new phrases, and has comprehension of so many things.  We are very proud of our girl.

We are spending the next month away from home.  I'd like to - and we'll see if it happens - blog every day for this month to recap the past few months but also to memorialize this month.  This week we are at Disney World - just me, Lilly and Jon - for a few days to celebrate my beautiful daughter's 6th birthday.  Then, we are in Atlanta for 3 1/2 weeks while Lilly attends camp with her cousins, and Ben plays with his 3 triplet baby cousins.  Jon will be in Atlanta for 3 weekends out of 4, which is exciting.  This is the first summer in years that we haven't moved, but with Ben's arrival and our month away from home, it won't be boring. 

So it's 7 am on our first day in Orlando.  Time to get ready, check into the Beach Club, and begin our magical trip!  Lilly was beyond ecstatic when we arrived late last night - even just checking into the Homewood Suites and watching a Disney World commercial.  There is nothing she does better than appreciate life.  And my sweet Benji is with my parents in Atlanta and we do miss him so much.  That's all for now...