Thursday, September 20, 2012


You should see my to do list.  I'm back to work, doing a million things all the time for Lilly (most importantly giving her a good foundation at home for the reading and writing that she is learning in Kindergarten this year, while giving her a fairytale perfect childhood), taking care of my sweet baby boy Ben, and the never ending chores around the house.  All while constantly planning vacations and quality family time.

And yet - on this "Ben's sick" day, so he's home from school, and I'm taking a break from work, to unload the dishwasher, put away 3 loads of laundry, and clean the house (until Lilly gets out of school this afternoon and I become the chauffeur for her back and forth to speech, feeding Ben while we wait for her) - I glance over at Ben in his exersaucer and take the time to really see him.  My recently turned 5 months old little boy, become a real baby, instead of little infant.  He is shouting at The View, hitting his little toys on the 'saucer, and occasionally spinning himself around to swipe something, before turning back to hit his frog toy.  And I fall a little more deeply in love with this little guy.

These kids are growing up too fast.  Life's pace is a little fast, too.  I want to slow down and appreciate them, as much as I can.  But they're doing great, and in a way, I feel like they are on their on track and all I can do is just love and support and provide them with the tools they need as they grow and accomplish.

Ben is a funny little guy.  He started with colic for 3 months, and was a horrible sleeper, but then something switched in him and he got happy.  He became funny and sweet and very aware of everything - a very sensitive - or sensory - little boy.  Which is maybe what the colic is all about - every little thing was very sensitive for him - if his diaper was a tiny bit wet, if he wasn't fed right when he wanted to be - he was outraged.  But he's more comfortable in his life now, and it is a joy to be with him.  And who knows, maybe the colic was his way to train us: I know you've had Lilly in this family, but I'm here now too, and pay attention to me RIGHT NOW.  So they are our equal little kids, each with their own needs and strengths.  But what is great is that they are both so sweet and special and we are in love with them both.

And what is even more amazing, is - as much as Lilly was excited about her brother when he was born - he is now starting to be pretty interactive with her.  He is laughing when she says "peek a boo" and it just takes a little encouragement from him, for her to totally devote herself to making him smile.  A brother and sister, completely starting to bond and love each other, is the most precious gift.

Lilly is doing great generally, too.  She started Kindergarten at her Catholic School.  This school is the answer to our prayers: they truly love her, accept her, and yet have high expectations of her.  It is such a faith based school, and it touches my heart to watch Lilly learn to recite "Hail Mary."  She has developed such authentic friendships with her peers.  The school work is hard, but she's keeping up well.  I *think* (hope?) she's paying attention pretty well in class.  And, she loves her uniform, thank goodness.

So that's a brief overview... Hope to catch up more soon, especially with some pictures!