Thursday, January 19, 2012

everyday life

So we're back on the tv. Not crazy amounts, every day, but after a good 5 day stretch, I gave in. Lilly survived 5 weeknights without tv, but then a 4 day weekend was calling for something a little extra to fill our time.

Lilly did great though. It's not even an issue - we still haven't turned on the tv in the morning in over a week, and most weeknights, it's an afterthought if it turns on at all. Weekends are different: she can relax, unwind, watch the Muppets or Tangled or Lion King. But during the week, we've done a lot more puzzles, games, etc. It's more work on me to keep her stimulated and give her attention the whole afternoon/evening without a break, but it's been worth it.

I tried explaining to Lilly on Monday about Martin Luther King, Jr. They studied him at school last week, so he should be familiar to her. But instead, after listening to me for a few minutes, she asked to watch the Cosby Show. No problemo, little girl.

We went to the local theater's version of Hairspray on Saturday. A bunch of high schoolers performing, but it was still good. I just love the story and the music, so powerful, such a strong positive message. Inclusion. Integration. Life's problems solved by loving and dancing and singing, just as it should be. We are all more alike than different.

And finally, food. Since we've been more tv-restricted lately, it's a perfect time to insist on better meals together as a family. Mornings are just me and Lilly, but some nights Jon is around to join us for dinner, and we are sitting in the dining room these days. Lilly is helping to cook, and set the table herself. And interestingly, she is eating a lot more variety (although she seems to be eating less overall). She's not the pickiest kid ever, but she definitely has the foods she likes and the foods she doesn't. And in the past week, she's been a lot more willing to give different foods a chance. She's eaten strawberries, cereal, red pepper, squash, and zucchini, even though she formerly didn't like these foods. And she switched over to skim milk. And we've said adios to the sippy cup - which she didn't use exclusively, but we always fell back on it because it was easy for her to carry around or not spill - but now all drinking is done at the table so she's good with open cups, straws, etc. Overall, she's done a great job.