Monday, July 28, 2008


We went to the local aquarium on Saturday. Aside from eating Golfish crackers and seeing the occasional fish tank at the doctor's office, this was her first real experience with fish. There was also a really cool area (that we had to access by this little red vehicle) with a million penquins in the (man-made) snow, and Lilly was glued to the window in awe (and unfortunately, her tongue was somewhat glued to it as well, or at least licking the window the entire ride). Regardless, she thought it was a very cool trip. I included a picture of Jon & I to prove that a) Lilly isn't living in NZ by herself; and b) Jon & I occasionally do spend time together.

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Jgembecki said...

Love the aquarium pictures! Lilly looks adorable in all of her winter outfits. (as we are sweating here!)