Monday, September 22, 2008

Video Crazy

This Flip Video camera is driving me crazy. It's forcing me to videotape Lilly and post pictures against my will. And the clips aren't even especially good, and the videographers are awful. But it's beyond my control. So, sorry!

The first video is Lilly having a "2 year old" moment but then showing off that she's memorizing Madeline.

The second video is Lilly figuring out to open doors (oh no!).

The third video is Lilly signing her name.

The fourth video is some really rough walking (she really can walk better but we just haven't caught it on video yet!)- in her defense we were on the beach, so it was tough. But the video is cool because we're on Waiheke so you can see the horrible scenery we're dealing with over here. ;-)

Just so I don't leave you without anything useful about our lives besides these videos, I'd like to mention that we are working on colors with Lilly, thanks to being inspired by our friend Landon.
We've taken all Lilly's toys and categorized anything solid-colored into a basket by color. Tonite we showed her all the red things. She was NOT interested. And then we put red m&m's in a red cup, and all of a sudden she wanted to play our game - she played with all the red objects and even signed "red." Although, I don't think she understood the concept of the color yet. She just wanted the m&m's. (As she thought - Suckers!) But at least we're introducing it.

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Robyn said...

Um, will you save some red M&M's for me?

Why is she so perfect? I can't believe I'm sitting here watching video of a baby I don't even know.