Sunday, June 20, 2010

Super Busy

Someone observed a few years ago that Jon and I always seem to have a lot to do at once; and if we weren't super-busy, we'd be bored.

The context for that particular statement was around our wedding. Jon was working tons of hours as an intern, and I was finishing my second year of law school. And we were planning our wedding - including writing the entire interfaith ceremony ourselves to incorporate much of our Jewish and Catholic traditions. Oh and did I mention at the same time we bought & moved into our house?

I was ready for the multi-tasking, of course - during college I always worked at least two jobs - waiting tables at two different restaurants, working in insurance, and tutoring for second grade. And I graduated a year early. Yes, I was prepared to take on too much and do it successfully.

So when I got my first job, I think I felt too comfortable, too bored. So we had Lilly to liven things up a little. And once she was born, all of a sudden our social calendar was filled. Play dates, birthday parties, music & gymnastic classes, all while working full time and fitting it all in somehow.

And then we moved to New Zealand which was just a completely crazy time - figuring out how to live in a foreign country with a two year old and a super busy husband, which still working a demanding job. But somehow we managed.

And then we moved home, and I feel like this whole year has flown by - we unpacked from being away for the year, settled back into our Charlottesville routines, worked too much, went through the process of putting our house up for sale & selling it, and now we're getting ready in 9 hours to leave it behind.

Yes, the movers come in 9 hours. And I'm blogging. Silly me. But it would make sense if you knew what the last few days looked like to us. We both worked all week. Last weekend we had Jon's parents and brother staying with us for Jon's graduation while we started to pack up. Then Sunday we had a Tequila tasting party with some of our friends. Tuesday night Lilly had a play date with her best friend at our house. Wednesday Lilly had horsebackriding in the afternoon and then I had a mom's night out with a good friend. Friday night Lilly had her school picnic. Saturday we packed and then Lilly had her super sweet 4th birthday party at Little Gym. I spent a couple hours poking holes in fruit for her party fruit kebobs, which apparently is very important two days before you move. Priorities, people. The party was so much fun, by the way. And today was Lilly's birthday and Father's Day, so of course Lilly had a 6 hour play date with her best friend, including pizza, playing at the house, and Toy Story 3. Then we opened her presents and we went to dinner. And then we've been packing ever since.

I don't know why I need to throw a party the weekend we're leaving, except that Lilly loves her friends and they love her, and I feel guilty that we're moving. I don't know why I scheduled a long play date except that Lilly loves her friend, and it's her birthday after all! I am a willing participant to the move, and yet I want Lilly to feel like life goes on, and not feel shortchanged because of our life decisions.

Most people would pack up, then move to the next location. Not us. Apparently my guilt feels better if we go to Disney World for a few days along the way. And somehow work is nuts for me this week so I'm trying to work a day or two in the midst of leaving Charlottesville. And then we get to NYC a week from tomorrow, move into our apartment that Tuesday, and Jon starts work on that Wednesday. I plan on working that Friday, and that's when Lilly starts school. It is a crazy hectic schedule.

Oh and I forgot to mention... Jon's leg is injured from playing basketball last week - he's wearing a boot thing and limping around. So when I say "we" have been packing, it's been 90% me. I absolutely sympathize with him (and he should be back to 100% in another couple weeks), it is definitely bad timing.

So let me get back to packing. Which by itself is complicated: most of our stuff to storage for a year (I'm already dreading unpacking it then); some things shipped to NYC; and some things packed for Disney World. Now, I'm going to unhook my computer so that we can move the desk out tomorrow. Wish me luck on getting it all done!

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