Monday, January 9, 2012

tv... broken?!

When we went to church yesterday, for the first half of mass Lilly begged us to go home so she could watch tv. After awhile she forgot tv and decided to participate and had a good time.

But the damage was done. Lilly's mommy decided that for the next week (or until I cave in a few days or hours), the tv is "broken." We unplugged it (at least while Lilly is awake) and there is no Elmo, no Sound of Music, nothing.

Last night when we got home from church, Lilly totally didn't mind that we switched up her nighttime routine by being unplugged. She sat with me and ate her dinner, colored, took a bath, brushed her teeth, got ready for bed, played a game, and read her story before going to bed. No bribes of tv watching were necessary, she didn't even miss it.

This morning, I was nervous. Usually Lilly eats her breakfast in the kitchen while I let the tv babysit her so I can get ready too. This morning, she didn't care that it wasn't an option. She went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, got dressed, ate breakfast (kind of, she ate less than usual), and we made it to school - even though we were 10 minutes late. I managed to shower and put on a little makeup before she even got up, so I was with her the whole time as she got ready. The only thing I didn't have time for was my morning coffee and a bite to eat myself. But she did great.

I promised her "games" when she gets home from school. We have from 3:30 until 7:30 without any tv or computer, but she'll be fine without Annie or Camp Rock. I need to be more creative without it, but Lilly is just as happy. Yesterday we played the "pink or blue" game, separating all her old onesies into a "girl" and "boy" pile, for the baby. Her game before bedtime last night was seeing how fast she could take all the clothes and put them away into drawers. (We both declared that she "won" at the end. Not sure what the rules were though.)

Wish us luck as the week progresses... if we make it!

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Ali Foley Shenk said...

You're brave!! I don't know if I could do it. The kids might actually be ok, but *I* might lose my mind. Haha