Sunday, October 7, 2012

You've got a friend

Making friends isn't easy.  I'm always impressed by Lilly's ability to make true genuine friendships - it comes much easier to her than it does for most people.  I'm grateful, because my girl has confidence and she is surrounded by people who care about her.

As she's grown I've wondered how it might change at some point.  Because being the sweet funny adorable little girl who makes other people feel special is a great person to befriend, but what about when friendships get more complicated?

She's only 6, but so far so good.  The girls in her class are pretty verbal, and while Lilly talks a lot, she doesn't hold a candle to these chatty girls, and at times you can't understand everything she says.  But lately - in watching these friendships develop in playdates and seeing them in the mornings and afternoons at school - I notice it doesn't even matter.  The girls love Lilly.  They don't look at her in a negative way at all.  I think one thing she has in her favor at school is that it is a diverse school in many ways, even being private, so differences are celebrated. 

And the boys at school: Lilly does well with them because I don't think she's intimidating to them the way other girls are with them.  She's just fun loving and will jump into games and the way she's not hyperverbal the way other kindergarteners do, makes her an easy friend to have.  What you see is what you get.

Whatever the reason, I am grateful that Lilly has a variety of friends.  It is a huge relief knowing my girl can hold her own with her friends, with all their similarities and differences.  At some point I hope she will teach me a lesson with making friends so easily!

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