Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Every year - for the past few years - I've given up Facebook for Lent.  There is something actually really nice, in my opinion, about stepping back, unplugging, disconnecting, and no longer knowing every little detail of everyone's life that they are sharing on there.  That being said, I love normally knowing these things: but the absence of it gives me time to reflect on my own life, time with the kids, time to spend with God, and just silence from the constant noise and feedback in my head that Facebook normally provides.

Last year, as I still updated my blog every so often during Lent, a few people criticized: you should give up everything - not just Facebook.  Or implying that I was selfish because I was still "plugged in" to this and not that. 

To me, Facebook is instant gratification, it is going on whenever you want, seeing everything everyone is posting, saying anything you want to get a response to, showing your own life - the good and the bad (which usually you get immediate support and feedback).  A blog is different - to me.  I'm not a professional or even quasi-decent blogger.  It started to record our year in New Zealand for myself primarily and our friends back home in the US.  And it continued, mostly, for me to memorialize Lilly's World for myself - to remember what it felt like when she started walking, to remember how happy she was at a birthday party, even to know my thoughts on this or that.  And Ben came along, and as much as I want to record those things for him as well, the busy-ness of life overcame us, so it's only been occasional for the past 9 months.  (Thankfully I missed Lilly's first 2 years - as far as blogging goes- as I started the blog right around her second birthday - so really I'm not so behind with Ben.)

So what I'm saying is, a blog isn't the showy immediate response Facebook world.  I don't have many readers, people rarely comment, it's more to remember Lilly and Ben and our life.  So that's my justification - as if I need a justification for what I give up for Lent.  Shouldn't that be my business, and God's?  And by the way, I'm giving up sweets and also want to write down each day the things I am grateful for and thank God for this long list of blessings He has given me.

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