Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween 09!

2006, Lilly was a baby chick.

2007, Lilly was a neurosurgeon (and Jon & I were her residents).

2008, Halloween wasn't really celebrated in New Zealand (no trick or treating!) so Lilly was Cinderella (we got the costume from our Disneyland trip). Lilly's twin boyfriends came over for a party and wore their Thomas the Train shirts and boots.

This year, Lilly dressed up as the Holiday edition of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. The dress was so super gorgeous (and multi-purpose - she's going to wear it on our December trip to Disney World/Disney Cruise).

We carved an Elmo pumpkin, which Lilly LOVED. She even liked eating the pumpking seeds that I baked - half the batch was salt and the other half was cinnamon sugar.

We went to the Lawn at UVA on Friday afternoon to do trick or treating - it was packed with people!

Yes, those are hair extensions.

On Saturday (Halloween), we only went to a few houses for trick or treating. After the first house, Lilly opened up her M&M's that she just got and started eating them, which kind of took away the incentive to do too much more trick or treating. Then after another house or two, Lilly started singing "Rain, rain, go away, come again another day." Jon and I looked at each other confused and then we felt the rain drops. :)

Then we handed out candy for awhile at the house. Our subdivision must get most of the trick or treating population in Charlottesville - it was busy until we turned the lights out at 9 pm! Lilly loved opening the door and distributing candy. Although, she tried to give one piece of candy that was half eaten (by her). She also liked going outside and walking halfway down the driveway, and then coming back to the door like she was a trick or treater, and she got lots of candy from us that way! Overall it was a low key but good Halloween. :)


Cassi said...

Oh my gosh I am DYING at how cute the little chicken is! Her little legs totally go with her costume - sooo cute! You guys are so creative - love the pumpkin!

Robyn said...

Gorgeous!!!! I love the hair extensions - only YOU! But Princess Lilly looks like she was enjoying every minute...Perfect!

My name is Sarah said...

Oh my I love Lilly's dress and her hair. So beautiful.