Thursday, November 18, 2010

Money and monkeys

Lilly's two favorite things: money and monkeys. She loves all kinds of money: coins, dollars, and credit cards. And she definitely loves her Curious George monkey.

(Lilly doesn't usually sit in a carseat in the middle of the living room - but we had an extra one here for a few days, and in a small NYC apartment we decided to make it a piece of furniture since there was no where to store it.)

My favorite thing about Lilly loving money and monkeys is when she mixes up the words and says that she "needs monkey" when really she wants a dollar bill; or when she wants to dance with her "money" instead of her monkey. Her monkey, by the way, is her favorite dance partner when reenacting Dancing with the Stars or Sound of Music. And he's great at kissing scenes.

Oddly enough, she's never seen the show Curious George and rarely reads one of his books. But I think it's just the fact that he's the right size to be a prop for her. And trust me, it's fun to hear her say: "Where's my monkey?" all the time. (And sometimes "Where's my money?")

Regarding the other favorite, money, Lilly is a huge fan of holding it, talking about it, paying for things, swiping cards, wanting to go to atms, and holding purses which must contain a little money. With her newfound interest comes my interest in making it somewhat educational. So last night, we took a cup of coins and dumped it on the ground. We sorted through it, looking for quarters. Lilly would see a quarter and say "quarter." Then we went to pennies, and again she says a good "penny." Then I'd hold a quarter and a penny and she'd name which is which. Then we made lines with them, and an "L" out of quarters for Lilly. Finally, I showed her how to put them on a piece of paper and pick it up and slide the coins into her cup. She loved it.


Cathy said...

I saw you name "Cathleen" on a comment you made on Rebecca's blog. I'm a Cathleen too (although I usually go by Cathy) so I thought I needed to hop on over and check out your blog. Imagine my delight when I saw your gorgeous Lilly. My daughter's name is Lily!!! My Lily is almost 2 1/2 and blessed with an extra chromosome.

I look forward to reading more!!

Cathy said...

youR name...not you. sigh...