Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year.

I feel as though sometimes, when so much happens, it's hard to even comment upon anything. But it was a busy week in Atlanta. Celebrating Christmas with family. A close family member in the hospital for half our trip, with a dozen visits back and forth - feeling much better now thankfully. Much laughter and a few tears. Much needed time with family and friends.

And at the end of the hectic rollar coaster of our week away, we ended the trip last night in my parents' living room, filled with extended family, guitars playing, songs sung loudly and happily. We were our version of Brady Bunch Christmas special indeed, but what a moment to enjoy with the grandparents down to the littlests.

And now we're back in the NYC in time for New Year's. Not that we have anything on the agenda for tonight, besides crashing exhaustedly at some point (hopefully soon, although Lilly and Jon are armed with sparkling cider).

And what a trooper my girl was today. Jon had left Atlanta a few days before us, so today it was just me and Lilly flying back. Which is not unusual for us to be flying alone together, but still, I always get a little nervous. Checking in: simple. Security: piece of cake, she even took off her coat and shoes, got her own bin and put them inside, and retrieved them and put them back on all by herself on the other side. A hop on the tram to the B gates, perfect. Waiting for the plane to take off: uh-oh, a delay. Delay after delay after delay, and suddenly we're almost 3 hours delayed. But Lilly was good. I amused her with everything in her backpack, she ate a bagel and drank milk, we played with stickers and read books (ok, I'll admit we read Us Weekly and People - which by the way, is her new favorite - but I did in fact have children's books with me, she just prefered my mags instead...). We walked around, went to the potty a few times, and entertained strangers with her signing and personality. We even watched all the bags get loaded on the plane. So the huge delay wasn't exactly fun, but Lilly totally made the best of it. So it wasn't bad at all.

And then we got on the plane. And she read the Delta Sky magazine, buckled her own seatbelt, and settled in for the flight. The flight was finally taking off, and as the plane rolled down the runway.... Lilly's eyes shut and she got a much needed nap. Perfect timing. And despite a couple restless moments (it's not totally comfortable sleeping on a plane, even if you can fold into a pretzel like my Lilly), she didn't actually wake up until after the wheels touched down at LaGuardia. Perfect trip. We waited our turn to get off the plane, she agreed to get in the stroller, and we went to baggage claim. Bags were out 15 minutes later, and we somehow made it outside with two huge suitcases and me also pushing Lilly in the stroller. Thankfully a guy in the 2 hour long taxi line felt sorry for me and decided to help us to the car service pick up area (which I felt slightly guilty about to the guy who headed back to the two hour taxi line, but hey - nice to plan ahead from my end!) and our car arrived a few minutes later. We arrived back to the apartment with Jon meeting us downstairs, a Sam Adams Light waiting for me upstairs, and a pizza on its way to be delivered, leading to the perfect evening - including watching Muppets Take Manhattan - a Lilly favorite.

I am so very grateful that Lilly is not just an great traveler, but such an easy companion for me. It certainly is helpful since we are on the road (or in the air, I guess) so often!

Happy New Year.

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