Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A New Day

We've never done this before. It's a completely new experience for me and Lilly. A little girl who's had every experience in the book - living overseas, Broadway musicals, dinners with princesses - did something I never imagined she'd do, and I am so completely proud. This is what not-working is all about.

She got up this morning. And played with new "color cards" that I made for her. (Matching colors with the written color names.) And then she sat at the table and ate breakfast. While we listened to Christmas music. And then she went on the potty, got dressed, and we got her stuff ready for school. I did her hair in pigtails. She put on her coat and we went downstairs to wait for the bus.

What is the amazing part, you're asking? We do all that every morning, right?

It's what I didn't mention. No word about turning on Elmo or Zac Efron's version of Hairspray. No Grease or Glee or Play with Me Sesame.

My girl did her whole morning routine without the tv. Wow!

Not that she's a tv addict, but her morning tv is a what usually assists us through the routine. Usually we have about 45 minutes to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and get out the door. In the morning Lilly is not a fan of "getting things done" so TV is usually the bribe or the distraction to get everything else accomplished. "Eat your breakfast, Lilly, mommy will turn on Sesame Street." But not today.

Lilly and I talked. She colored with markers. She asked to go to the bathroom. She told me she hated her new backpack and we went back to the huge oversized one that is way too big for her. We negotiated that she would put on the warmer coat that I wanted instead of the not-as-warm coat that she prefers (because it's pink). She put her milk in the fridge when she was done.

I won't say that I broke the girl of her Elmo's Christmas fixation or that we'll never watch Camp Rock again in the morning. But it would be nice to have more mornings like today, where a mommy and little girl do their daily routine without a crutch. Because it would be easier to turn on the tv, let Lilly get fixated, easily get her dressed, and check my email and drink my coffee while my girl eats her bagel. But much more rewarding for Lilly and I to be active participants in our day.

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