Thursday, April 14, 2011

The you-know-what hit the fan kind of day

So I went back to work this week, which is great, right? I'm actually temping at my old job so it brings in a little income, plus I have the flexibility to work part time.

Except this week is totally nuts. The job I'm assigned to is pretty much an "everything was due yesterday" kind of thing, and Jon's been busier at work than ever. I stayed up late last night working (and I hadn't missed those kinds of days at all) while simultaneously folding laundry. Lilly woke up 3 times last night, with a slight fever and a cough. Oh and did I mention, today is her IEP meeting, for which they have provided no paperwork, evaluations, anything?

So now Lilly's sleeping in, I'm hoping she's feeling better so I can send her to school, I have the IEP meeting at 8:45, her lunch is not yet made, I'm working all day after that...

And meanwhile Jon and I are multi-tasking at the not as important but kind of urgent "we need to rent a car immediately for weekends in May and June" plan because already Memorial Day is sold out in NYC, and we need to rent one to go down to DC to rent a house, and hopefully Montauk at some point.

So, that's our day. Gotta go pour my coffee and get dressed and make Lu's lunch... we'll see how the day pans out from here.

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