Thursday, May 5, 2011

This and that

Last night, I covered the entire living room with clothes. Stacks and stacks and stacks of clothes, all belonging to Miss Lilly. I can't believe how much she's grown since last summer, so all the size 4 clothes were taken out and promptly put away. She has some size 5's and I took those and a bunch of hand me downs from Lilly's cousins, and laid out all the shirts and all the pants and mix and matched. No kidding, it took like 2 hours. Jon at one point said something like: "I have no idea what you're doing but I couldn't do it."

We ended up with about two dozen decent play clothes school outfits - most of the pants hand me down, some of the shirts from last year, and some of the shirts new. Lilly will be well dressed for the last few months of the school year. Assuming the weather actually becomes real spring-like - it's still in the 40's many mornings! And I paired up another dozen warm weather outfits that I set aside for summer.

Speaking of my living room - we (I) once again shook things up by moving around all Lilly's toys and the couches and all the furniture. I like to do this once a month to keep Lilly on her toes - she then appreciates her toys more, and thinks it's funny that the couch is in a new spot. She even found a way to use the couches as a gymnastics tool.

And, she discovered the baton this week. I put on a show with an old baton (not that I'm that good at it, but I can do a few tricks) and Lilly didn't really attempt much with it. Then, the next day, she had Jon and I sit on the couch and watch her do her own show - and while I hadn't seen her practice in the meantime, she was quite excellent twirling. Such natual talent, that girl.

And her other talent is the violin. Not that we own one. So she takes her guitar and a fairy wand and pretends to play the violin. Do I see lessons in her future...? (Of course, I'm more partial to the piano and am already wondering how I can secretly hint to Jon and/or Santa for this as my Christmas present this year. Not that either one of them reads the blog...)

That's all for now. Just procrastinating cleaning up the house and getting a little more work done before Lulu gets home from school... (Did I mention? I'm working part time doing the same legal analyst job I was doing before, but with flexibility... I knew I couldn't spend a year without looking at Washington legislation!)

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Unknown said...

Congratulations on the Part Time gig!

I hear ya with the clothes. I have to get rid of most of Sammi's size 4s, too. Amazing, the growth. And in the length!!!! The size 5s only need a teeny bit of rolling now, whereas last fall they had to be tripled over! I'm looking forward to putting her winter stuff away for the season, but mornings like today really put a stop to that. *sigh*