Friday, May 27, 2011

Vatican tickets - check!

I can't ever tell if we're interesting or silly.

Who in the world books a trip to Europe with a (soon to be) 5 year old? Who thinks it's a good idea to spend 2 weeks with 2 long 8 hour flights (and two connecting flights and 3 hour layovers each way), 3 days in Barcelona, a 10 night cruise, days spent in Malta, Sicily, Naples, Rome, the Italian and French Rivieras, and Corsica? Insanity, right?

Last night late I prebooked our tickets into the Vatican. Who does that? We are treating ourselves to see the coolest sights and bringing our curious fun-loving daughter along for the ride. I mean, people do it - but not people we know, usually.

As I hit "submit" to a phrase in Italian that I'm still hoping translates to "Vatican tickets," I thought of my Grandma. Lillian Gembecki, whom Miss Lillian Grace Sherman is named after. And how religious she was, and how cool I think she would think it is to go see the center of Catholicism. In a way, by going there and taking Miss Lilly, I feel like I'm honoring her a little bit, and my heritage.

So the hardships of traveling internationally with a young one are far outweighed by the excitement - we've done it before - and it'll be crazy and fun and mostly, memorable. Less than 2 months until we leave! Can't wait to literally show my girl the world.

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Becca said...

Woo hoo!! Love that - "a phrase I hope translates to Vatican Tickets..." LOL

Hardships of travelling with a small child? Lilly is the best travelling kid I've ever seen! Maybe I'm missing the bad stuff, but whew, that kid is awesome! Btw, let me know about July 4th...