Thursday, December 25, 2008

Daddy's Little Movie Girl

When Cathleen and I first started dating we seemed to go to movies for the majority of our dates. As we have continued to spend our time together our dating routine shifted to the point that movies were rarely in the intenerary. This theme probably coincided with the lack of quality flicks to pick from. Despite this trend, I have always deep down loved movies and been in search of a new movie buddy. The long search has now ended. Cathleen, Lilly and I went to see High School Musical 3 twice in the movie theatre a few weeks ago with wonderful results. Lilly couldn't get enough of the big screen with all the action, drama, and of course music. Based on this success, I quickly looked for the next opportunity to explore Lilly's new love for movies. Madagascar 2 opened in New Zealand last weekend. Lilly gave mixed reviews to Madagascar 1 and it seemed to be a bit of a risk as there was little dancing and music in the original. However, Cathleen wasn't feeling well last Sunday and it seemed that getting Lilly and I out of the house for a while would give her a chance to rest. There could not have been a better excuse for Lilly and I to go to the movies.

In preparation for the movies, we of course had to bring the appropriate movie snacks. Like any good dad, I decided that these should be water, fries, and M&Ms. Lilly and I stopped by the local Fish&Chips shop and picked up fries. The movie theare took care of the rest. With a constant supply of nibbles, Lilly sat next to me from the previews until the credits and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. After the movie, we went to the park for a celebritory ride on the swings. I think that I am now set to have a movie pal for any of the blockbuster G-rated Disney or animated movies to come.

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