Friday, December 5, 2008

A New Sheriff In Town

One of Lilly's latest personalities thinks she's a cop. She is in charge of right and wrong in this family, and what's wrong is that mommy leaves drawers and cabinet doors open in the kitchen. Lilly makes the rounds every 10 minutes or so, checking to see what's open and goes around to each one to shut them. It would be funny, actually, if I didn't feel like she was judging my ability to clean up! Yesterday, I opened the fridge to get her milk, and she came up from behind and tried to slam it closed, on my head!

Lilly also likes coming up to us and shouting "NOOOO" at whatever we're doing, and also shouts "NOOOO" when she peeks through slightly open doors, or between the bars of her crib. At school, a little boy was moving the carpet square, and she kept patting it down (on his arm) to get it back into place. She also checks all the light switches, to make sure they're all "off" (or sometimes "on"), and opens the dryer to make sure there's no laundry waiting. If the TV should be off, she turns it off (signing all done, by the way), and if it should be on, she turns it on. If it's on the wrong channel or setting, she adjusts it (correctly, I might add).

Lots of violations going on in this house; hopefully Lilly will let us off with just tickets.

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