Friday, May 28, 2010


We are so proud of Lilly. Every day she is doing new things - saying funny new phrases, mastering new skills, and finding new ways for us to be proud of her.

On Sesame Street, there are two girl characters called Zoe and Abby. And two of Lilly's closer friends at school are named Abby and Emily. Recently I noticed that Lilly was called Zoe "Abby" and Emily "Abby" as well. I think it's because the name "Abby" is easier to say for Lilly. So one day, when Lilly was saying something about Zoe on Sesame Street (calling her Abby), I said to Lilly: "Lilly, look at mommy. Say Zoe-ey." And Lilly looked at me and said "Zoe-ey" and she was just so happy that she could say it! And then we practiced "Emily" which is harder to say, so I taught her the sign for "E" as well so that she could use that. The pride in Lilly's face when she says "Zoe" and signs "E" for Emily is so amazing for me to witness; Lilly knows that she couldn't differentiate between Zoe and Emily and Abby before, and now she can say the words clearly.

Lilly can also now say all her cousins' names, and signs the first letter of all their names - I am so proud that she knows that "J" is for "Julianne," "M" is for "Matthew," "L" is for "Lyndsey," and "T" is for "Tristan." (And sorry cousin Hannah, when I ask Lilly to say "Hannah," she exclaims "Hannah Montana!")

Lilly learns so easily, when she's ready to learn. And she has so much pride in what she can accomplish. And her mommy and daddy are so proud of her.

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