Saturday, May 8, 2010

Six Weeks

Busy. It doesn't begin to describe our lives, and our next six weeks. In our normal routine we have 2 super busy jobs, full time daycare, weekly ballet class and horsebackriding, and a few therapies. Plus, our new running routine, and I'm vowing to cook every night so that we spend less money eating out. Add to that: a ballet recital, a 6 year anniversary trip to Disney World, Lilly's grandparents coming up to hang out with her while Jon and I are away, a best friend's wedding weekend in Atlanta in which I'm the matron of honor and Lilly is a flower girl, a residency graduation, a 4 year old's birthday, and a super sweet 4th birthday trip to Disney World. And every weekend that we're in town, Jon is on call. And meanwhile during all this, we have to pack everything in our house, organizing it into what goes into storage for the next year, and what we'll bring to NYC. And we're selling some furniture and odds and ends that don't fit into either category, all while keeping a mischevious 3 year old out of trouble. Should be easy, right?

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