Thursday, January 27, 2011

A full plate... in Italy?

I've never been good at not-multi-tasking, if that makes sense. Never is there a time where I can just sit and relax. In fact, I think it relaxes me just a bit to be amidst the chaos. Organized, obsessive compulsive controlled chaos.

Like, we're moving. In less than 6 months. Packing up all our temporary "stuff" in NYC and somehow getting rid of it all, as it's more expensive to move stuff in NYC than it is to ship it on to the next destination. So we'll move with what we came with: 10 boxes and 5 suitcases and 2 strollers. Actually, it might even be just 4 suitcases. And a box or two less, as my work computer and printer will no longer be part of the shipment. But anyway...

And Jon has his contract signed, so we're definitely in the DC area, and based on the wonderful schools we saw last weekend, I think we're moving to the Montgomery County area of Maryland. While we loved one school in particular and the principal said she'd "make sure there's room for Lilly" I still want to officially be accepted so that we have that nailed down as another thing to check off our list. And, we're debating whether or not Lilly should go into Kindergarten or Pre-K (she's a summer birthday so we might hold her back - especailly if we see ourselves with this school for the next 10 years - it'll be easier on her to delay kindergarten now, instead of having her separated from friends later, if necessary). So those decisions are on our plate. And then there's the question in the next month of buy versus rent (I think we'll rent, considering how outrageous house prices are in the area), what particular neighborhood, etc. And the logistics of actually getting out of NY at the end of June and getting settled in our house in July.

On top of all that we had a snow day today. I knew it snowed last night; but last week when we got a little under a foot school wasn't canceled; but this morning school was cancelled. But I didn't realize until tonite that we actually got 19 inches in Manhattan. Crazy. Apparently we didn't leave the apartment today. :) But we kept ourselves busy with puzzles, shape/color Bingo, Shoots and Ladders (kind of - first time for a little lady to play it), books on tape, dancing with Curious George, and generally keeping busy and out of trouble - for both of us.

Apparently Lilly stayed out of trouble more than me. Amidst the chaos of a stay-at-home snow day, and planning our future, Jon and I did something just a little ridiculous. I mean, if you know us and you know Lilly, it makes total sense. But still I'll acknowledge to a normal person it's ridiculous.

We booked a cruise to Europe. A 10 night Disney Mediterranean cruise in July. Total insanity, right? Who takes a 4 year old - actually, she'll be 5 by then - to Italy? Who plans a European vacation right around the same time they're moving?

The Shermans, I guess, that's who.

It wasn't exactly impulsive. We've been talking about this for at least a year. And Lilly is just such-a-good-traveler, as I've said once or twice, and handles international traveling like a pro. And I've always wanted to go to Italy, and this cruise has such great cities that Jon hasn't been to either. And Lilly has never been to Italy. (What 4 year old has, right?) And she loves pizza. (What 4 year old doesn't, right?) And Jon's starting his new job a few weeks later, and it's the only time he'll have a couple weeks off for a really long time, if ever; and he's worked so hard for the past 8 years of training to get where he is professionally. And we're celebrating him starting a new job, and our big move, and Lilly's 5th birthday (which we could in theory celebrate at a Little Gym, but you know) and... somebody else has a birthday... right in the middle of the cruise...

I'll turn 30 on July 27. And I'm not exactly having a midlife crisis yet - trust me, I love my age and am actually surprised most days that my years are younger than I feel - it's been a busy 29 years. I've accomplished a lot, and I'm proud of who I am and where I am in my life and in the world. But, gosh, I met Jon at 18, finished college at 20, went straight to law school, married Jon at 22, graduated law school at 23, had Lilly at 24, and have been working hard at my career and as a wife and mom for the past 5 years, which has included big moves almost every year. I'm exhausted. And while turning "30" isn't such a big deal... it represents a new phase of my life a little bit - entering a new decade, Lilly starting real school, Jon settling into his new job, and our family beginning our new lives "permanently" in a new city.

So today we did the only logical thing we could do. We booked our cruise, and look forward to exploring a little more of the world together as a family. And I think it'll be amazing, and I think we'll see some incredible sights and have memories that will last a lifetime. But mostly I can't wait to take a break from moving and our hectic lives and spend some much needed quality time with my two favorite people. And a Mouse.

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Becca said...

So many things to say here...first of all, you got 19 inches in NYC?? Wow! Craziness.

Second, that's so amazing that you're going to go on the cruise! I probably would balk at the timing, but hey, it's just a trip, right? You'll be packed anyway. LOL I'm so glad Lilly enjoys travelling. I was worried both times we took Samantha to England, but both times she took it all in stride, and was a champion traveller!

Btw, you and I have our birthdays 3 days apart (although I won't say how many years apart...)!