Friday, January 7, 2011

Grocery Shopping

New York City is nuts. Oh it's also great in some ways but you can definitely see some craziness. Literally.

Like the lady at Whole Foods a few months ago, who was waiting in line. (Our Whole Foods has a weird line thing where there are three lines but like 30 cash registers so you have to look at a TV screen to know where you're supposed to go.) Anyways the lady didn't know to go at her turn. And another lady near her said "You should go to register 9." And the first lady said "Don't tell me what to do! I'm going to F%(# you up, B$#(%!" Huh.

Or during holiday grocery shopping at Food Emporium. And a lady walked down the aisle and gently brushed the cart of another lady while going by. (The aisles in NYC grocery stores aren't very wide.) And the second lady said "Don't bump into me!" and totally hit her upside the head. Huh.

Or yesterday. I was on my way to Trader Joe's in Union Square. And at a light waiting to cross the street, a guy about my age had his dog on a leash, and a nice looking lady in her 50's was standing next to them. The conversation began just like it might in Charlottesville, or Atlanta... "How old is your dog?" she asked. And the guy said "Two and a half." And the lady said "What are you doing to him? He looks awful." And the guy said "What about you? You look f*#$ing awful, b*#$h!" And the conversation continued in that regard as quickly walked a distance away... Huh.

Forget the movies. I'm avoiding taking Lilly to the grocery store here until she's 17, so she won't witness violence or hear foul language.

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Becca said...

Omg, you SO need to get out of that city!! Funny, I've gone to NYC a zillion times since I was a baby because we had family or friends that lived up there, but I have *never* had a desire to live there. Great to visit, scary to live...? Craziness!!