Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How much is Lilly worth?

About 25 cents less than we thought yesterday, apparently.

My girl loves money. Two days ago she got her High School Musical purse and pulled out a $20 and a $1 bill - no idea where she got that money from! She loves our wallets, she loves credit cards, she loves coins, and she loves paper bills.

Last week she was playing with some coins, sorting them, and after a couple minutes she came over to me and said that she "ate money." She explained that she swallowed a quarter. Now, she's 4, and I'm not sure if she actually swallowed it, or if she just put it in her mouth, or what actually happened - I didn't hear her choke or cough or anything. But she said clearly that she ate money, and she had money (and typically she doesn't put non-food things into her mouth to the point of swallowing them), so we weren't sure what actually happened. Let's just say, I've known Lilly for 4 1/2 years, and nothing she could do would surprise me. :)

So, I worried but Jon talked to some of the doctors and nurses at work and they all said not to worry: if she did swallow a coin, it most likely would come out, and she wasn't having any signs of it bothering her or being stuck.

But for the past week, it hadn't "come out" - which led me to either think that a coin wasn't swallowed in the first place, or that it was stuck or still in there somewhere. A couple days ago Lilly said a few times that her belly felt sick, so I got a little more concerned. (Although, I think this was after being around another child who said she was sick and then threw up. Besides Lilly saying she felt sick, she had no symptoms of being sick.)

We went for an x-ray of Lilly's belly yesterday. She was nervous - "no pictures!" she said in the waiting room. But of course the x-ray tech taking the picture made her feel at ease, and she happily lay on the table and gave a big grin as he took the x-ray. Of course, due to liability he couldn't say whether or not he saw anything.

But we just got back the results: no quarter in her belly. Thank goodness, another worry to cross of our list. I'm not sure if there was a quarter in there that actually came out at some point in the past week, or if she didn't swallow one to begin with. Either way, Lilly's worth 25 cents less today than we thought she was worth yesterday. :)

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Becca said...

Ohmygosh, I totally forgot that I never heard the outcome from you! Glad you updated that. Glad she's worth .25 less, too. :-) :-)