Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Weekend Away

A great weekend spent with good friends from our former life. My old best friend in Charlottesville now lives in Connecticut - but more importantly, her son was Lilly's first boyfriend.

We met when we were both pregnant, and she had her son a few months ahead of Lilly. And when Lilly was born, she and her husband and their little baby showed up at the hospital. Jon and I quietly shared with them that our girl had Down syndrome - and without skipping a beat, my friend looked at me and said "I can't wait for Julian to meet his girlfriend Lilly."

This is what friendships are made from. As much as we were head over heels in love with Lilly from the moment we met our girl, we didn't know how our world would react to our new and slightly different situation. And thank God for friends who stepped up and were excited and didn't treat us any differently. As we set the pace for showing everyone how much we'd love our girl and how proud we were of her, people responded by being excited with us, and we ping-ponged the love back and forth until we were comfortably thrilled with our new world.

Not to mention, Lilly and Julian are still in love, almost 5 years later. It was a successful laid back weekend of kids playing and friends catching up.

And just as exciting, was the fact that the three of us got to ride out to Connecticut in a rental car - which to us city-folk is a big deal. I never thought before this year I'd hear my girl shout "Yay! A carseat!!!" And it was an SUV, which felt wonderful to drive in compared with the typical tiny economy rentals. And I did my routine "I'm out of the city let's stock up on essentials at Target" run - which includes water, some groceries, paper products, and of course a new pair of sandals for Missy Moo.

Picture was taken at the end of an exhausting weekend of playing hard. And Julian now has a younger brother so in theory Lilly can have her pick of boyfriends - but we all know that she'll marry Julian in the end.

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