Friday, March 18, 2011

Phone + coffee = happiness

There are about a million reasons why I love my little girl. But today let's add a couple more to the list.

Every night, Jon manages to find my phone (which is not always easy!) and plug it in to charge it. And every morning he sets up the coffee machine so all I have to do is turn it on. On his days off, he actually makes my cup for me with cream and sweet n low and delivers it to me. These things mean a lot.

Well, Lilly's been taking notes, apparently. Lately if my phone beeps (because of a text) or if it rings, she finds it, picks it up, and brings it to me. "Phone, mommy." What a good little girl.

And today, I was looking for my cup of coffee. Where did I set it down? "Where's my coffee" I said out loud to myself. Lilly promptly answered - "right there!" - it was on a little table, she must have seen me put it down a few minutes before and was happy to help me out. Ten minutes later, as we were getting our jackets on for school, she stopped and walked over to the table and picked up my coffee cup and handed it to me, so I could have one more sip before we go downstairs (which perhaps I usually do? I haven't really paid attention but I guess Lilly does).

My little girl and my husband have discovered that mommy is a happier person when her phone is being taken care of and her morning coffee is always within reach.

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