Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 4: All Aboard the Disney Magic in Barcelona!

Finally, it was Wednesday July 20 and we were ready to board the Disney Magic! We had booked the transfers as part of our cruise/airfare package so we didn't need to worry about transportation; we just had to be downstairs in the lobby by 11, and our luggage was picked up by 8 am. We woke up, went to our free breakfast in the dining room, then Jon and Lilly went to the beach for an hour while I finished organizing. At 10:45 we were back in the room, getting out of swim suits, and we decided that Lilly definitely needed a replacement camera for the one that was lost/stolen. So, Jon ran across the street to the "Target" type store and found one for under $100. By 11, we were ready to get on the bus to the boat!

The bus boarded around 11:15, and we got to the port around noon. The check in process was easy, and the staff was so friendly (this was the case throughout the whole cruise). We stood in line to take pictures with Micky Mouse, and then debated the line for the kids club registration, but it was huge so we decided to do it once we boarded. Finally it was time to get on the boat!

Lilly was so excited. I love how she appreciates everything so much. She was giddy with excitement, just overwhelmed with the fact that she was doing something so super special. We walked onto the boat as they announced our name, and she was just dying of happiness.

We were all hungry but first we went upstairs to register Lilly for the kids club, and there was no wait at all to get her ankle bracelet (she doesn't like wearing it on her arm), so it was a good decision, versus the long line outside. She loved exploring the kids club - it's a great space filled with toys, tv's, a giant slide, etc. And it was nice for her to see it with us, while it was relatively empty, so that she could feel comfortable there when we would drop her off later.

We went up to Topsiders buffet to get lunch, and finally at 1:30 our room was ready. We immediately took a nap, and after Lilly fell asleep our luggage arrived so Jon and I unpacked and organized. At 4ish we all did the emergency drill outside, which Lilly loved (everything on the Disney Cruise ship seems like an event, even if it's just telling us what to do if we're sinking...). Then we went up to the Sail Away Party. Lilly loved the dancing and excitement and the characters.

After the party we got dressed and ready for dinner. Dinner was good but the people sitting at our table wanted to sit by ourselves, so we were at a huge table by ourselves. More on that tomorrow.

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Becca said...

Your matching shirts are too cute! *sigh* Disney anything sure sounds like magic.