Thursday, August 4, 2011

Day 5: First "At Sea" Day

The 10 night Disney Cruise schedule goes like this: you get on the boat, then have an "at sea" day, then 7 port days, then another "at sea" day, then disembark. It's good to have the "at sea" days like this because we could spend a day unwinding before being thrown into the craziness (and fun) of exploring the European ports.

I ordered room service for breakfast every morning of the cruise (all food is included, even room service), as I need my coffee immediately. I'd also order a fruit plate and bagel and croissants and milk, so breakfast was always low key in the room. A couple days Jon took Lilly up to the buffet for breakfast (there's also sit down nice breakfast but we never had the time).

Jon took Lilly swimming soon after she woke up, and around 9 she went to the kids club for a Snow White event. Jon and I - for the only time of the cruise - went to the adult pool together, laid out in the sun, and relaxed. By 11 we picked up Lilly, and she was having the time of her life. We dragged her out of there (she loved the kids club) so she could take pictures with the princesses. These pictures don't do justice to the excitement that Lilly had for each princess.


After, Lilly and Jon went to see Tangled in the theater for a few minutes, and then got a bite to eat for lunch, before coming back for naptime. I slept with Lilly while Jon worked out (he ran every morning and used the gym most days - that makes one of us). Then in the afternoon we went to Tea with Alice. Lilly shyly loved Alice. The tea party was very nice but not amazing - I wouldn't schedule my day around it, but it was nice to hit. (You need tickets ahead of time, we got ours as soon as we got on the ship the day before.)

Afterwards, we got ready for formal night. Dinner again was a little bit of a disaster: the family they paired us with didn't want to be with another family - again - and told us so repeatedly. So, we were 0 for 2 in the dining department.

Even with the bad tablemates, we enjoyed the night - and Lilly loved the show of course (there's a live production in the theatre every night that Lilly never missed). After the show, we met a family that we really liked and we were able to get added to their table for dinner - so from there on, we had great dinners with them and the other family they were matched with, and became great ship friends.

As per our routine, I think we went to bed around midnight.

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