Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 7: Sicily

My favorite show is Golden Girls - it has been for the past 20 years. You will always find episodes recorded on my DVR.

So when Disney dropped Tunisia from the itinerary a few months ago due to political unrest - as much as I would have been happy hitting a port in Africa, I thought it was super cool that we would be heading to Sicily instead, home of Sophia Petrillo. I wanted to be able to say, after this amazing adventure, "Picture it, Sicily..." and have a real genuine story from the area.

Palermo had no interest to me - it's just a city like any other city, and I wanted to balance out our days between city, history, countryside, relaxation, etc. At the end, we had a good mix of everything. So Sicily was my day of doing an excursion that took us 2 hours outside the city to a farm/villa, where we would bake bread, make ricotta, swim in the pool, eat a ridiculous amount of food, drink some wine, and see some animals. And, we did. Picture it, Sicily....Lilly rolling her bread - at first she did it "wrong" because she rolled it out into a circular flat pizza - but of course my girl is a pizza expert. Once she realized she needed to make it into an oval shaped roll, she did great.
And making ricotta... We ended up being able to take it with us back onto the boat, and brought it to dinner that night to share with our friends.

At the villa. Insane views.

Swimming. Best part of the day. Only complaint of the day was that there wasn't enough time to swim for longer. Pool was perfect deepness for Lilly at this end. Check out the view behind her.
After just 10 courses or so, the cannoli for dessert - best dessert ever - it doesn't look big here but it was HUGE and I ate the whole thing. Check out the all you can drink wine behind it. Huge headache for me that afternoon. We all napped on the busride back.

"Tourist" Lilly taking pictures of the calf (is that a calf?). Followed by stepping in a big pile of crap which she got all over my leg when she put her feet up on the bus. Lovely.
And no day is complete without a conga line after dinner.

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